Mixed Media

Faux Saccharine

Saccharine (Diptych) [SOLD]
Mixed Media on Panel
48″ x 36″

Not so pleasant pleasantries.

Sub-Atomic Self
Mixed Media on Panel
40″ x 40″


Frozen Mixed Media 18" x 24 on Gesso Board

Frozen Lake
Mixed Media
18″ x 24 Panel

 I have a love affair with the North. While I hate the cold, the colors and light that are created by such a cold, stark climate.

Rosy on the Outside Gesso, Oil, Arylic, Ink 18" x 24" Gesso Panel Available

Rosy on the Outside [SOLD]
Gesso, Oil, Acrylic, Ink
18″ x 24″ Panel

Things aren’t always as they seem.


Alternate Ending
Mixed Media on Panel
30″ x 40″

Because sometimes you even surprise yourself.

A New Direction Mixed Media 18" x 24 on Gesso Board SOLD

A New Direction [SOLD]
Mixed Media
24″ x 18″ Panel

In times of uncertainty that sometimes it’s best to take a big leap.